Friday, June 22, 2012

Hell Rell Vs Lloyd Banks 1st 2 Mixtapes.. Who's Are Better..

2.Rap Sheet
3.Shoot To Kill
4.Die Muthafuckas
5.On My Block
6.Well Known
7.Bang Out
8.Shots Fired feat. Juelz Santana
9.Freekey Zekey Phone Call
10.Y'all Don't Want War
11.Jesus In My Life
13.Ruger Rell & Writer feat. J.R. Writer
14.Monsters Part 2
15.Keep It Thoro
16.Grand Finale feat. 40 Cal. & J.R. Writer
18.What I'm About feat. Cory Gunz
21.Gangstas & Murders feat. Bezel
22.Uh Uh feat. Juelz Santana
25.What You Into feat. Ash & Sin

2.young gifted and strapped
3.gun go off
4.ruger 4 life the cops
6.god must love me
7.bloody money not a rapper about my money bitch (feat j.r writer)
10.know you heard of me
11.blackout blood
13.telling lies (feat 40 cal)
15.true hustler grow on trees
17.rugers in the trunk
18.thats what they say when you get money
19.outro (bonus)

01. Lloyd Banks – Intro

02. Lloyd Banks – Southside

03. Lloyd Banks – Story To Tell

04. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent – “Victory” Freestyle (LIVE In Hawaii)

05. Lloyd Banks – Pain

06. Lloyd Banks – No Mercy

07. Lloyd Banks – Clips

08. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent – Air Your Ass Out

09. Lloyd Banks & Mya – Look So Good

10. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent – Kwelib (LIVE In VA)

11. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent – Porno Star

12. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent – G-Unit In Da House (LIVE)

13. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent – Pimp

14. Lloyd Banks – What Goes Around

15. Lloyd Banks & Ludacris – Gangsta

16. Lloyd Banks & Rah Digga – Party Over Here

17. Whoo Kid Outro

01. Im Back-Lloyd Banks

02. Get Down Lloyd Banks feat Prodigy

03. Get Shot-Lloyd Banks feat 50 Cent and Young Buck

04. Squeeze First-Lloyd Banks

05. Teach You How To Stunt-Lloyd Banks feat 50 Cent and Young Buck

06. Steppin In Hotta (rmx)-Lloyd Banks feat Beyonce

07. Dick’ll Do-Lloyd Banks feat Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes

08. Playa Shit-Lloyd Banks

09. Fall Back-Whookid feat Lloyd Bank, Brandy, and Fabolous

10. You Tryin to Be Gangsta-Lloyd Banks

11. Move-Lloyd Banks feat 50 Cent

12. Exclusive-Lloyd Banks feat Snoop and Nate Dogg

13. Exclusive-Lloyd Banks feat Busta Rhymes and Fabolous

14. Freestyle-Lloyd Banks

15. Headz-Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo

16. Outro

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@BREEZECT said...

im going with banks.