Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Been Gone A While...

Been gone a while... I haven't had the motivation to even work on this shit... Hiphop has been slow as of late.. the only thing I have been bumping since i have been gone is Domo Genesis and The Alchemists Project which is dope as fuck.. and that track The Cure that J Cole dropped... still waiting for Slaughterhouse.. the mixtape , album... anything. Nas album was dope conceptually... but it is lacking tracks to bump in the whip..hard nasty Nas type of music...still waiting on Kendrick and J Cole's project.. still waiting on the G.O.O.D Music album... and as we wait the Olympics are on and shit is entertaining to say the least... I watch the dumbest shit.. water polo at 1 am.. don't mind if i do.. but everyone is making a big deal about Serena Crip walking after winning the gold... should they be?.. I say yes... this is our fucking problem.. these are the people the children are supposed to be able to look up to.. and im sick of people like Rihanna saying they are not role models.. bitch stop making popcornny as music then that kids love... all they play on the radio is shitty music.. all they play on t.v is shitty reality shows.. this is what is entertaining our kids.. cartoons look corny and like they put no effort into making them good.. its like they are dumbing our children down... so now we have to ban them from t.v and radio?..i couldn't do it...its fucked up they have to get punished because of what we call entertainment...I feel like I am starting to sound like a old ass man...but..... kids idolize this stupidity...the end..

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