Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rant Of The Week 8/22/2012

Dude on the bike is lucky he didnt get merked right there.. thats some ole goodfellas car to..ok my weekly shit talking will begin now.. 1st off.. Weezy recently had an interview where he basically said he HATES NEW YORK... word Weezy? well that was a dumb maneuver seeing that i think you still think you are the SHIT.. but in reality. people are starting to give less of a fuck about you as time goes on.. your flow has gotten lazy.. maybe you switched ghost writers.. but you suck.. plain and simple.. lets see if this Dedication 4 mixtape can lift you up a little bit.. 2nd..this Eminem and Slaughterhouse record that just leaked... WHAT THE FUCK.. now i see why you gave us the mixtape.. which is GREAT by the way.. haven't took it out yet.. because you know the album is gonna be poppy and corny as fuck.. to tell you the truth i havent loved any song i have heard off of it yet.. and i am scared to listen to the snippets.. but who wants to hear that shit.. if you put 4 of the greatest emcees in a group and put them on a song with EM... we don't wanna hear no corny shit like that.  .   . . . . thats why EM is on 3 songs.. to make up for that shit...i called this weeks ago.. i said the mixtape was dropped to make up for this album.. it will be a disappointment..on another note.. Shyne leaked a Puffy diss.. who gives a shit.. Game dropped a corny single...and im waiting for that ACTION BRONSON & The Alchemist project.. expect to hear "Rare Chandeliers" soon... the end...oh yeah DJ Khaled dropped another album with 2 good songs on it.. my favorite being the track with Cole , K.R.I.T and Kendrick...and did anyone hear Busta's Free album? i didn't think so... oh that Slaughterhouse album leaked.. 

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