Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rap Beef..... Again...2012

First...Who Wants Scetti and Butter?.... The Honey Boo Boo shit is hilarious to me.. but people can talk all the shit they want about these hillbillies... but they genuinely love each other.. unlike some members in the rap game as of late.. and if im speaking on beef in hiphop you already know 50's name has to come up.. and it hasnt been just one story now its about 3.. it started off at an event of BET's .. apparently some of 50's crew.. who i will not call G-Unit if Yayo and Banks are not around.. got in a scuffle with some of MMG's camp.. GunPlay apparently caught an ass whooping and got his chain snatched.. 50 was then seen in a video bowling with it on.. Gunplay did some interviews speaking on it.. im just not that interested seeing that Gunplay is about to do life in prison for armed robbery.. that same night Jeezy's camp and Ross and his people almost got in a scuffle at the awards.. then Jeezy did an Interview to speak on the altercation they asked him about Gucci Mane and he called dude Retarded.. so Gucci dropped a track called "TRUTH" which i must say is hot as fuck.. and he has been throwing jabs at Jeezy and T.I ever since.. Alley Boy also chimed in on twitter saying he is gonna join forces with Gucci to run Jeezy out of the A..also Bleu Da Vinci dropped a track going at Jeezy ... so now Jeezy has a bunch of rap thugs going at him.. hopefully Gibbs is as tough as he says he back to Curtis.. French Montana said some real shit about him on the radio about him burning alot of bridges in hip hop by beefing and it hurt his career.. and he said someone like Ross's career took off because he works with everyone.. 50 didn't like it went on a Twitter rant and im sure he is gonna use this to his advantage since he has an album coming soon.. and he will also love the fact that Dame Dash called him a Bully on twitter and told him to come pick on him... Ok Dame .. like you don't wish you were relevant again.. the end.

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