Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekly Rant 10/24/2012

O.k.. a couple things to talk about but 1st thing 1st.. Shyne... sit down over there.. yeah you had a good 1st album.. yeah Diddy did you dirty.. yes you came out of jail and tryed to get your career back but now you are probably one of the worst rappers i have ever heard ..yes you said you would vote for Romney..we kind of just sat here and acted like you didn't say that.. judging by how you look lately we kind of think you are border line we sat back ...wait a week or 2...and now you say KENDRICKS ALBUM IS TRASH?...I mean you can say what you wanna say but this is hiphop we are talking about.. and of all the shitty albums that do decide to hate on Kendrick's why? dude has grinded and made a name for himself.. i knew people were gonna start getting salty when he won lyricist of the year at the BET awards over Hov and Kanye...and Cole for that matter..because alot of these old ass rappers have egos to big to let them listen to new rappers so they probably didn't even know who he was...then he got a XXL rating for his album..and i knew the hate would grow even more...Kendrick made a great major label debut in my opinion..i know how these things go and he could have made a album like K.R.I.T' disrespect because I am a huge K.R.I.T fan but his album was almost garbage in my opinion and i have high expectations after all of those classic mixtapes..but Kendrick stuck to his guns....and gave us a great story beginning to end...I kept banging Money Tree so long it took me a while to even listen to the whole album... My only gripe is I wish Ab and School Boy were actually on the album instead of being thrown on remixes to songs we are tired of already...and the song with Mary J could of been way better.. but i understood why it was there.. it was a great ending to the album.. a happy way to go advice is go and get it is great..and i think it under appreciated at the needs an artist like Kendrick...if i had to give it a grade i would say a 9 out of 10..its almost perfect... i can take the bonus tracks and take a few tracks off the album and make a unskippable CD...who else can drop an album like that.. Meek?... lets wait a day or 2 for it to leak and find out.. i think dude is talented by far my favorite artist in MMG..Wale is garbage.. the end...oh yeah.. watch Key & Peele tonight..its no Chappelle show but its funny as fuck...

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