Friday, November 2, 2012

Man Who Didn't Help Lady & 2 Kids During Sandy...

You are not only a coward.. but a racist.. yeah i said it.... I see you have a big house ...over a million dollars probably.. seen a black lady and 2 black kids at your front door and said yuck..then when she came to the back in desperation mode and tried to break the window.. you probably went and hid in your panic room.. i seen your wimpy looking ass on the news last night.. saying all you saw was a guy throwing a flower pot at your that was her and .. you are a lying got a big ass house.. you probably live in there by yourself unless you have a Mr. Hat like the teacher from South Park.. Or A basement full of children...don't worry something bas is gonna happen to you.. karma is a bitch.. she rides along with will trip down some stairs...choke on a cucumber one day..maybe while you are in a poor neighborhood.. and beg someone to help you. and hopefully everyone just keeps walking.. but the truth is...I bet someone stops to help your sorry ass..

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