Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Weekly Rant 8/15/2012

Ok quick update on where im at @ with the blog and all this hiphop shit.. I will start working more on the blog in the next few days... hiphop has been in a wack hiatus for a few weeks.. I mean a few Slaughterhouse leaks here and there.. & 2 Chainz album which i will get to in a minute.. and besides that im still bumping that DOMO and Alchemist and I am super hyped over ACTION BRONSON signing with Odd Future's Left Brain. So Whats New... more Twitter Beefs... most recently Miley Cyrus and Tyler The Creator.. which is lame... Kendrick and Lada Gaga have collabed and it will end up on his album.. which i hope they dont turn POP on my favorite new artist...NAS album has faded away.. still waiting on G.O.O.D music... 2 Chainz dropped an album that has became my guilty pleasure.. I don't like to admit that i like it.. but i find myself listening to it more and more.. dude makes words rhyme that have no business rhyming... he is a genius.. because he knows how dumb he needs to make his music to sell.. he has mastered the recipe.. and on some tracks he even makes me think he could be alot better if he wanted the summer is ending at a very slow pace.. but i think we will get a few gems in the fall.. so far 2012 has been an ok year..better than 2011 in my opinion.. but it had so much potential 6 months ago.. lets wait and see...

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